The Big News

We’re doing this a little different.  Most people keep this kind of news secret for a few months because a lot of things can go wrong.  But we feel like this is the Lord’s timing, and we covet your prayers more than we do the logic that most of the world seems to use.

A little over 2 weeks ago, on Sunday, July 12th,  at 5am  the alarm went off.  It was time for Kara to chart her temperature.  We’d been using Natural Family Planning (NFP) for 6 months – which is a way to determine when a woman will be ovulating in part by what her temperature is at a certain time each morning.  Kara chose 5am because I frequently get up at that time on weekdays.  Of course this means that for the past 5 months we’ve gotten up every morning at 5am – if only briefly, even on weekends.  For most of that period, we were using this planning method to know when to avoid getting pregnant, but in the last month we’d decided to start trying for a baby.

I’m used to the routine.  The alarm goes off and Kara sticks the thermometer in her mouth for a minute or so until it beeps at which point she turns on the flashlight to record her temperature.  She’ll typically then go to the bathroom while I fall back to sleep.  On this particular Sunday morning, I noticed that she turned the light on in the bathroom, which she doesn’t normally do at 5am.

But as it’s so early in the morning, I turn over and fall back to sleep.  A couple minutes later she comes bounding into bed, grabs the flashlight and points it right into my face.  This is unusual!  I don’t know what’s going on, but she’s squealing.  Once the light is out of my face, I see that she’s focused it on the pregnancy test: Positive!

We’re having a baby!

We’re very excited about this new member of our family, but also know that things can go wrong.  While we feel free to share this wonderful news, we would also ask that as the Lord puts us on your heart, that you will pray for our little one.  Thanks for sharing this wonderful time with us!

Photo credit: Chriggy

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