The China Situation

This China economic update video helps you understand what is going on in the silver and gold markets so that you can be more fully informed to decide what place these metals should have in your portfolio.  This video will discuss what’s been going on over the last 3 months.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which can be found here.

Today, we’ll look at factors in China which could have a huge affect on the world economy and markets such as:  1)  The markets are wanting China to bail out Europe, but China’s not willing to do so without heavy concessions from the west,  2)  China announced plans to liquidate US Treasury holdings (this is something we’ve been warning about for years),  3)  The 15% Top Line debt of China is deceiving, what’s behind the curtain?,  4)  Economic Signs in China?  Shipping, Maccau, & Commodity Orders…,  & 5)  Chinese Generals are getting aggressive towards their neighbors and even the US, is this is a sign of trouble on the horizon?  All that and more in the video below…

We hope you enjoy this video.  If you have not seen The Coming Storm video, you should do so immediately to have a fuller understanding of what lies ahead.  You can do so for free by going here.  Please let us know what you think of this presentation or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

This is the ninth in a new series of Economic Update Videos. You can watch the entire series of videos at:  1) European Debt Crises, 2) European Debt Crises 2, 3) MF Global,  4)  Gold & Silver Pt 1,  5)  Gold & Silver Pt 2,  6) Gold & Silver Pt 3, 7)  World Economic Update., 8) World Economic Update 2, 9) The Chinese Economy, 10) Inflation or Deflation Concerns?, 11) Inflation Concerns Pt 2, 12) US Economic Update, &  13) US Economic Update 2.

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