The Coming Storm – Audience Reviews

On November 5th, Kingdom Calling gave our first presentation of ‘The Coming Storm,’ detailing the spiritual and financial turmoil that we believe is on the way.  Here is just some of the feedback we received from members of the audience:

What was your impression of the material presented tonight?

“Good stuff! First of all thanks! This was most beneficial. The recklessness of the US Government with the money is much worse than I feared. I would agree that we have thumbed our nose at God and become prideful (i.e. Nebuchadnezzar).”

“I Should be concerned about US Government and its poor choices for monetary policy. That there are opportunities to buy into hard currency. Needed it to tie the current Coming Storm with ways to prepare and weather the storm and ways to get training through your programs.”

“Extensive use of scripture. The material was well organized and timely. You gave pragmatic next steps without requiring me to purchase something. This was informative enough that I will recommend it to others.”

“It was great. Exactly what I was hoping for: to become better educated about our current situation and how we can wisely prepare for the future.”

“I thought the presentation was informative and good insight for those who might be disconnected from the financial aspect.”

“Great. Enjoyed the correlation of economic and spiritual, even though I understood the financial much more. Liked the safety aspect: storehouse, wealth gate, etc.”

“Timely presentation. Very grateful you’ve put this together. Challenging in that it is so clear a storm is coming but as you point out, this is a refining opportunity to grow in relation to Christ.”

What did you most enjoy?

“Using the Whole Life insurance as a personal wealth resource. Additionally that there are places to diversify into hard currencies: gold and silver etc. That banks use whole life to make money. I want to do that too.”

“I enjoyed the first third the most. The history of how it all began up to the current day. Just looking at facts paints a very clear picture of the probable future.”

“The vision to see things as bright in the future. The peaceful quiet after the storm! I feel that the best currency is human capital.”

“Factual presentation of US monetary policy and what it likely means.”

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Photo credit: (nz)dave

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