The Fruitful Tree

We’ve chosen to use the tree to symbolize proper financial stewardship.  As a metaphor, it will allow us to teach much about your entire financial life.

The tree is the mightiest of plants, and yet it grows from a tiny seed.  Jesus often used this metaphor to illustrate the life and economy of the Kingdom.  Like most plants, the tree does not hunt, so unlike other living things, it cannot delude itself into believing it is self-sufficient.  Rather, the tree experiences an existence fully derived moment by moment through God’s providence.  In this discussion, we’ll use the components of the tree to help you better understand the many important aspects of sound financial stewardship.

There are three primary parts of The Fruitful Tree:

  1. The roots
  2. The trunk
  3. The branches, leaves, & fruit

All trees begin with a seed.  We have discussed in great detail that the Seed from which all else springs is the spiritual life of Christ within you and your calling in Him.  Everything else in your life springs forth from these.  When examining your Fruitful Tree, the part that we most get excited about, of course, is the fruit, and the high, majestic branches on which it grows.  Under these uppermost leaves, we are able to enjoy the shade.  This is where the delicious fruit is.  If we did not understand the nature of the tree, we might think that this was the only important part of the tree.  If we wanted to create our own tree, we might break off some branches and stick them in the ground and wait for the new shade and fruit our tree would produce.

But this would be foolish because that’s not how a tree works.  The roots are essential in providing stability to the tree.  They go deep to protect it from lack of rain.  Without deep roots, a tree can’t last.  The trunk is what supports the branches.  It carries the nutrients to those branches and provides the height necessary to support them.  The tree would be a shrubbery without them.  We all intuitively understand this about a tree.

Yet this is exactly how most people go about trying to build a financial Fruitful Tree.  They know they want great assets (fruit), so they focus on that without providing the proper environment for the tree to flourish so that it can easily and repeatedly produce much great fruit. Throughout this course, we will be teaching principles that enable you to build wealth much faster than most people are able to accomplish.  However, things must be done in a prudent and foundationally solid way so that you are able to withstand the strong winds the world will surely send your way.

“He is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither.
Whatever he does prospers.” (Psalm 1:3)

This completes Part 1 of this series.  We’ll continue this discussion in Part 2.  So if you enjoyed this one, please share it with another, so that they may join us.

Photo credit: Sahie_777

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