The Sowing

The mystery and knowledge of the Kingdom is the most valuable of all our possessions. It is imperative for us as disciples of Jesus Christ to seek this and apply wise and faithful stewardship. It is a seed that starts off small, but, with stewardship, one capable of growing into the most powerful force in the world. The opportunity is wholly in you. Always focus first and foremost on stewarding His Kingdom reality within you.

Our future is determined now as we sow tiny seeds
Our future is determined now as we sow tiny seeds

If God needs us to forgo worldly pursuits or comforts, which will cost us as a natural man, we should learn not to hesitate. For even as we are in this world, we are not of this world. Never let money come between you and what God is calling you to do and be.

God blesses those who are faithful with a little. And through the management of the little, He imparts wisdom and skills to us so that we can handle a lot. He does this every time. The more that He has planned for you, the more difficult a process He will take you through in order to help you grow into being the person that He needs you to be. Let’s look at some examples of this discipline:

  1. As we mentioned before, Joseph was falsely accused many times and made a slave and put in prison. Yet he learned to be faithful in everything he did, and finally he was exalted to the greatest in Egypt second only to the Pharaoh himself. God used him not only to take care of His people during the seven famine years of Egypt, but also to provision his family with the best portion of land the Egyptians could offer. And after that, the Israelites multiplied beyond measure.
  2. Moses had to shepherd sheep for his father-in-law for 40 years in the middle of nowhere before he was called at the burning bush to lead the people out of Egypt.
  3. David had to face the lion and the bear before facing Goliath. There was no glory when he fought these animals, but he was being trained to fight without fear. He had to run and hide in caves and consort with enemies for years as he was persecuted by Saul. He even suffered great loss and danger in Ziglag before he was exalted as king.
  4. Jesus had to learn the custom of the day and make a living as a laborer before He was released to His earthly ministry
These should serve us as example as we learn not to despise “the day of small things.” Each of these men had big callings on their lives and so each had to suffer great discipline in order to be ready. It is important that we remember this lesson in our own lives and make faithful, prayerful choices even in the small things or even when things seem hopeless, because it is exactly times like these in which God is teaching us the lessons that we need in order to be ready for the greater work He has planned for us.

Do you know someone who was tested before they were provided for? Tell us about it.

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