The spiritual world around us is real: Mission Trip Excerpt

(WEDNESDAY, even later that day – Reynosa, Mexico, 2006)

Our impromptu movie theatre
Our impromptu movie theatre

That evening we went to the Colonia. We were going to show the movie The Passion of the Christ after a short service. I went down the potholed dirt street to invite people to come. I played some soccer in the street with some boys and waited for the movie to begin. We had an overheating problem with the projector and it kept going out. Eventually we stopped the movie half way through and gave up. Afterwards, a man and woman came forward to be prayed for. I was supporting Deanna and Karin with prayer, who were in turn, praying for the woman. I could also hear Rabbi David praying for the man. He finished his prayer and moved to the woman we were with. He later told me that he could hear Holy Spirit telling him that this man was not willing to let go of his pain (alcoholism), but then turned and saw that the woman was willing to be rid of hers.

He stepped in to take over for the two women and I saw something amazing.He started asking Holy Spirit to help her release the burdens she was carrying (without touching her) and she collapsed. We helped her to the ground. David then stood above her and when he saw that it was time, directed her to get back up. She had been shaking, then stopped and opened her eyes when he directed her to. We helped her up which was kind of cool because she could not understand the English words he was using. This was really bizarre for me. It reminded me of a shyster movie, Leap of Faith, from a decade ago. The difference is, I was standing right there and saw exactly what happened…and there was no big audience to see this. Most of our group did not even notice it as no one was screaming or anything like that. It just quietly happened. And it was amazing.
This was the first time I had ever seen someone fall under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It was amazing to see His very real power coursing through her in such an overcoming way. There is so much more to this world than we understand. There are spiritual realities all around us affecting us every moment. The things that we struggle with usually have spiritual roots. We must seek God to find our way in this world and it is through Him that we find the life His Word promises us.

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