The Wrong Spiritual Food

We’ve been discussing the fact that God gave Man everything, and how we chose to live this life without His guidance.  This has led us to misery, pain, and death.  God desires that we be His children, growing into His Likeness, in perfect fellowship and community, governing with and for Him, His creations on earth.

Are you feeding your spirit in a healthy way?
Are you feeding your spirit in a healthy way?

After choosing his own way, natural Man is now subject to the whims of our enemy, cursed to toil and die.  We were not able to live the life of God as the second Adam but Jesus triumphantly did. Thus the natural earthly life is characterized by consequences of a life chosen apart from God.

The devil knew that Adam and Eve were sons of God because they walked with Him in the Garden and knew without question that He was their Father.  Jesus was challenged with His identity of being the Son of God because He was born in the body of a natural/broken/fallen man who could only know His Father in the spiritual (and thus could be tempted to doubt).
Son and Man apply to both male and female, just as the Bride of Christ refers to both.  Obviously in the reply of Eve to the devil, God had treated Adam and Eve as one party when He gave the command.  Here during the interaction between Eve and the serpent, Adam was present but gave no intervention.  He totally failed to assume his place of authority and responsibility to exercise rule and judgment over the matter unfolding in front of him and the parties involved.   (Luk 3:37; Gal.  3:26-29) The reason was that as a man of the flesh, he could not hold back the desire to touch what was unknown to him.  The same story repeated itself in the evil royal family of Ahab and Jezebel.

This is very sobering when we think of how many people, tempted by supernatural power and spiritual mysteries are lured into false religion, idol worship, spiritual mysticism, witchcraft, fortune-telling or mediums, ignorant that it’s all the kind of spiritual food God would not like His children to partake.

This post is _Part 4_ in a series about The Fall.  To continue with this series, click on Part 5.  To use this as a growth tool to better understand your own calling, you might start by reading the explanation of this series and then read Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt 3.

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