What Will the Devastation of Our Current System Look Like?

Those who can encourage & pray with us in times of need are invaluable
Those who can encourage & pray with us in times of need are invaluable

I have no idea what the world will look like as the coming storm hits.   Or what it will look like afterward.  I can make some guesses, but it is something new that is happening.  That being said, we can guess at things.

If it is only some stiff inflation that destroys many Americans’ financial wealth, it will not otherwise be that big of a deal.  Life will become more expensive and you will have to get used to living a less luxurious lifestyle, but you will be able to handle it.

On the other hand, if what I believe is coming does indeed hit us over the next decade – what will that look like?  It’s not easy for an entire world system to come crashing down.  As we’ve been laying out, the entire world uses the US Dollar to conduct business and if that system falls apart, something totally new must come to be.  Will the world trade based on gold and other “real assets?”  Will a new currency be created?  Or will the world get by on a “basket” of currencies?  What will happen to us and life here in the US?

I believe it will be chaotic.  I don’t think things are going to go straight in one direction, but instead I think things will be going up and down and all over the place.  There will be opportunities/quiet spots within the storm for you to adjust your thinking and reposition yourself.  And then there will be more chaos.  In those times, the world and media will think things are now over, but they won’t be.  (I say this mostly for those who read this now and think I’m a quack but who remember it later when these problems really hit hard).

I do believe this will be much worse on most Americans than the Great Depression was.  Remember that back then, most Americans did not carry debt and had very simple, and much more self-sufficient lives.  Most people knew how to grow their own food.  People could count on their family and neighbors to take care of them if problems arose.  Today, we live in a fragmented society where everyone is in their own bubble living under the illusion that they don’t need anyone else.  The reality is that we are a nation indebted up to our eyeballs and most of us will not be able to stand alone.

We absolutely need each other.  Your small community of tight-knit brothers and sisters in Christ are going to be essential during this time.  If you are not in this type of community, seek it out quickly.  Pray for the Lord to place you where you need to be.

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