What’s Going On With The Website?

You’ve probably noticed something different around here. The boring blue/gray layout is gone.  And the new website is up.  Yeah!!!  OK – you’re probably not as excited about that fact as I am, but I thought I would use this post to let you know about some changes here. 

I do want to thank you for coming.  I really appreciate the fact that you’re here – whether you’re one of the people who makes this a daily stop, or if this is your first time.  Thanks!
First of all, we’re sorry if you’ve noticed any of the glitches.  I was warned it would happen when we made the move, but they have been very irritating.  I don’t know how the technology works, but I’ve noticed the software has put one blog post title on a different post and all sorts of other weird things.  These things are still happening as I write this, especially if you use Internet Explorer (most of you).  I assume this will all be behind us soon.  Thanks for sticking with us through the weirdness.

This blog will continue to function much as it has been, although we plan to add more and more media to it to hopefully make it better and better and more interesting to people who like to get their information in different ways.

The website itself has many additional changes coming, as well.  But we wanted to get the site live first and add to it rather than trying to create the perfect site from scratch.  One thing that should come online very soon is a newsletter sign-up.  The first newsletter will come out on tax day, April 15th, and include an interview with a man who’s company helps people invest in ways that garner an enormous tax benefit.  When you invest with this company, the IRS ends up writing you a huge check up to your last five years of paid taxes.  Go to the newsletter sign-up page if you’d like to receive that.

Finally, I’d like to get your input about the Matthew study that we’ve been doing.  As you can tell, we have a lot of changes going on around here.  I started the Matthew study with the idea that it would be a public version of my morning Bible study that would enable others to contribute.  Last year I did four chapters a day, so I thought one public one would not be much more work.  That was a nice theory, but practically it takes a ton of my time.  Because I have so much internal work that needs to be done right now, I’m thinking of putting the Matthew study on hold for a while and replacing it with more mission trip stories.  These are much less time consuming for me to write, in part because I already written a version of them, and because I’m just telling a story.  We would resume the Matthew study after the mission trip stories.  Or at least that’s the idea I’ve had.  I see that there is a steady readership of these and so I am loath to take something away that you have come to expect.  But I do feel like the mission trip stories are a good substitute.  So while I’m mostly going to write what I write, in this case I’m interested in your feedback.  Anyone unhappy with the idea of me pausing this?  Is that alright with you?

Let me know what you’re thinking.  And hopefully I’ll see you here again Monday.

Photo credit: Oberazzi

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