What’s to Come?

We’ve spent the first 20 posts of this blog giving you a bird’s eye view of what we do here at Kingdom Calling.  What’s next?  We’ll unleash a torrent of information in the coming year and and want to give you a glimpse of  what that will entail.  We need your input and help to make this information the best possible on the net.  As stated earlier, focus here is on Calling and Stewardship.  And we’ve planned several interesting ways to explore these topics.

So  we’ll share every bit of wisdom that we can on these subjects.  Our goal is to make this blog the best place for free information about living the absolute best life God has for you which should include stewarding every resource both spiritual and financial, that He’s given you.  We’ve collaborated, studied, trained, practiced, and made a whole lot of good and bad decisions in the past and plan to use this forum to deliver all of that knowledge, wisdom, & understanding to you.

But obviously, we don’t know everything, and we’d appreciate your feedback and input along the way.  That’s what will make this place really special.  We’ll spend the coming days describing the ways to share this information and would love your input if you have ideas.

We’ll ask:

-What are the Principles of the Kingdom?
-One man’s journey into Kingdom of God: Relevant for your life?
-What does Jesus teach about living our Calling & Stewardship?

What’s going to happen here really is too big for us to do on our own, we really hope you’ll share this blog with anyone you think can help.

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