Your Kingdom Calling

Kingdom Calling, and this blog for that matter, exist to educate and assist you in living the fullest life God has for you while making the biggest possible impact for the Kingdom of God. From today, ad infinitum, we’ll focus on two primary areas:

  1. Your “Soul Purpose” or “Kingdom Calling.” God has formed you uniquely and has particular plans for your life. Every person has some understanding of this, but most feel like they are living a life short of God’s calling. We help people to get clearer about this calling,so they can begin to make decisions that help maximize their own purpose-driven life.
  2. We teach people how to be better stewards of what God has given them Because most people have little understanding of how best to manage their resources, they either hand over these decisions to someone else, or do very little at all. Either way, most people perform at a level far below what is possible. They feel stuck, confused, or worried about their circumstances. Most come to our office with little to no passive income (cash flow), but have the potential to earn thousands of dollars a month. Some can immediately implement strategies that give them more passive cash flow than their current expenses are. Others are able to set up a play to achieve this in a short (5-10 years) period.

The Kingdom Calling process synchronizes your calling and your personal finances together, so that your financial decisions are in line with God’s purpose… This process allows you to have the greatest possible cash flow for exactly the design He has for you. This goes beyond just taking care of your family’s security and provision. It allows you to form a vision of the way in which God is calling you to transform the world – in ways both big and small – and offers you the newfound ability to make this vision a reality.

Kingdom Calling’s own vision is to transform the world around us by empowering individuals with the perspective, purpose, and plan to live the highest life God has for each of them. With all of us working together as one unified Body of Christ, each focusing on their own particular area of His calling and utilizing powerful timeless economic principles, this world can be fully prepared for Christ’s return.

We must be the love of Christ to the community and world around us. Kingdom Calling equips the Body to do this.

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