Be, Then Do, Then Have This New Year

As we’re about to flip the calendar on another new year that God has provided us, I want to offer you one of the simpler, more powerful tools that we here at Kingdom Calling apply.  We call it, as others have, the Be-Do-Have Mentality test.  It’s a poignant example of how powerful simply changing your perspective can be.

The Be-Do-Have mentality vs the Have-Do-Be mentality. 

I don’t know who first wrote about this dichotomy, but it is insightful when applied to our discussion of perspective and purpose and finally, your life..  Many people go through their lives believing that if they just HAD certain products (or an amount of money), then they would DO different things in their life, and then they would BE an entirely different person, with a different life, and different outcomes.

The reality is the opposite.  When we BE the person that God intends us to Be, we will DO things in a different manner through His guidance, and then we will HAVE everything we need and want in this life.  (Matthew 6:33)  When we focus on products first, we are focusing on what we HAVE instead of who we are.  It is essential that we first increase our perspective, get centered on God’s purpose in our life, and then map out a plan to get there before we talk about Products, thus we focus on who we are (BE), before anything else.

Be first.  Then Do.  You’ll be amazed at what God gives you.

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