Where From Here? Its Up to You – Stage 7

The people that work their way through the Kingdom Calling Process vary widely. Sure, they share a belief in Christ as our Savior, and a responsibility to live their lives as God would have them. But our clients come from different backgrounds, have differing financial resources, take varying amounts of time to go through our process. And, of course, each has a different path they need to follow.

Yet at the end of our process, most will have become the steward of their finances that we all set out to make them. Most will have achieved a level of financial success and freedom – in dollars and ability to put them to work – they would have never thought possible.

And that’s where our last stage – The Excellence Ethic Stage – comes in. In this stage, we ask, “where do you go from here? Now that you have accomplished so much in your life, and have become more clear about God’s purpose in your life, what will you do?”

At this stage, you’ve become focused on moving in the direction that He calls you. And you have aligned every financial decision in your life with that purpose and calling. The new wisdom you have received in how to properly steward your resources has lead to immediate results that you can measure.

But this is not the end. This is a new beginning. So the question is, where do you go from here? Many of our clients, no matter what their calling, will decide to keep working with Kingdom Calling. Some won’t. But if it is the case, it’s here, that we discuss how you would like that to look.

Either way, we talk about future events, opportunities, or resources that could aid you in being all that Christ calls you to be. This process has been the beginning of a new phase of your life and to implement a plan for success as you move forward from here.

Stage 7 is an exciting place to be. But everyone must begin at the beginning.

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