Believe What You Hear: Mission Trip Excerpt

74220033-1(June 25th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico)


Today we started with teachings from David in the chapel as we would every morning.  He is an incredible man of God.  He is a Jewish son of a Rabbi who at 32 found Christ.  As such he is a teacher unlike any I have ever heard.  Most Christians tend to focus on the New Testament.  Rabbi David does no such thing and does an incredible job of explaining how the entire Tanakh (Old Testament) points towards Jesus.  What an education!  I only wish I could remember more.  David is also deeply conversant with the Spirit and it was awesome to watch him orchestrate us so that each one of us was exactly where we needed to be.

After our chapel/devotional time we went to a local church service.  This was a neat experience.  I really enjoyed the service, although it was 3 hours long and in Spanish.  During the service Karin saw a Mexican woman, and was immediately overcome with empathy for her and had to go over and give her a hug.  They were both overcome and began crying and blessing each other in separate languages.  This woman later felt prompted to go to the front and share her amazing testimony.  The translator, Mikey, explained to Karin that the woman had serious diabetes and the doctors had told her she would always suffer.  But she believed that God would heal her and continually prayed for this.  That week, God had lifted the diabetes from her and her doctor was dumbfounded.  Interestingly, a life focus of Karin’s is the health of her son – who has diabetes.  The gift of travail had allowed Karin to sense this in the woman and they bonded over this shared sorrow and overcoming.

Karin & translator Mikey
Karin & translator Mikey

(Austin, TX – January, 14th 2009)

The Lord has made each one us absolutely uniquely.  Add to this the fact that we have all strayed from him in many ways that are also unique to our individual lives.  This makes for a world filled with totally screwed up people that are all very different from each other one.  Mystifying – what Karin and the woman she met experienced – is one way that God can show two very different people how real and present His love for each one of them is.

She’s from a different country and speaks a different language, but Karin followed God’s prompting and reached out to this woman.  By being obedient, Karin was able to share in the joy of the woman’s total healing from diabetes and gain new faith for her son’s healing – her deepest desire. God made His love and realness tangible because Karin sought Him with all her heart and was obedient to the direction that He called her.

God longs for each one of us to invite Him into our moment by moment lives.  He wants to use the most broken and ugly parts of our lives to accomplish beautiful new things.  He makes old things – new!  Kingdom Calling teaches stewardship.  The most important thing we have to steward is how we live each moment of our lives, with or without God.  Which are you doing?

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