Reading Scripture: Taking Action

Let’s continue our discussion on reading scripture:

Once you’ve gleaned the real meaning of the passages you’ve highlighted, I recommend asking the Lord for an application for your life.  What is Holy Spirit telling you about this passage that can be applied to your daily life?  What is He revealing that you can share with others here on this blog?  You’ll be surprised at the insight and revelation He’ll give you.

Some of what will be revealed to you will be private to your life: direction for a new way to be, or a new thing to do, or not do in your life.  Maybe He’ll bring up a person that you should reconnect with, apologize to, or encourage.  As you follow this direction you’ll see profound change in your life. You’ll also find wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

As you listen and act on what you hear, write about it.  And post it here!  Others need to hear what God is speaking to you.

Meditate on the things He’s directing you in.   You’ll find that as you actually begin to write them down, He’ll reveal even more to you.  Keep in mind that the first thing you hear is usually not the complete message.  Have the discipline to type it all out, and as you do, He’ll give you more.  There is nothing in this world more exciting then hearing from your Heavenly Father and Creator as He speaks directly to you.  If you’ll do this, and make a habit of it, your life will never be the same.  You’ll grow in your ability to hear God.  He’ll change your life in powerful ways.  He’ll change the lives of those around you.  Circumstances in your life will become more interesting as you see Him working all around you.  He’ll provide more and more opportunities to apply your new wisdom and understanding.  People will begin to seek you out for your wisdom.  They’ll recognize that your advice is good and your judgment sound.  Whether they know it or not, they’ll sense Holy Spirit living more and more powerfully in your life.

Sound exciting?  Believe me, there’s nothing like it.

Someone you know should be reading this blog.  So pass it on.

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