Build a Castle, and You Better Protect It

We’ve been discussing the 7 stages to get to proper financial stewardship.  Today we’ll  concern ourselves with stage 3:  the Castle/Moat Blueprint.

Great castles of the middle ages had two things in common.  To protect their glorious, high-rising structures, kings would dig a moat around them, and enclose them within an armor of high, strong walls.    We at Kingdom Calling employ this same principle for our clients, and recommend anyone on the road to financial stewardship for God do the same.

Most people are focused on building pretty castle turrets, but they forget the walls and the moat that make the the castle turrets possible.  A strong foundation to your plan is essential.  We discuss every area of protection: insurance, legal arrangements such as wills & trusts, and corporate structures, and cash reserves.  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have big holes in their protection when we first met.   Often they have made decisions in a hurry, based on too little education, or based on price…often all three.   It is often possible for you to have a far greater level of protection at a smaller cost, simply by educating yourself. 

As you are educated to these new possibilities, you will then be able to return to the specialist in each area that you love using to synchronize all of your protection together.  If you are not thrilled with the level of service that you are currently receiving, we can refer you to an expert who knows exactly the type of process that you are going through and will offer his/her expertise in line with your calling.  We’ll talk more about these experts in the Accredited Network in a later blog.  There is tremendous wisdom in protecting yourself from everything the world can possibly throw at you.  Once you have, you are free to think creatively in the way that God is calling you.  There is no inroad to financial self doubt or worry. These types of fears can be extremely damaging and affect your relationships, your walk with God, your health, etc. Once you’re protected, your mind is free to Co-Create with God productively.

Let friends, family, or business associates know about Your Kingdom Calling this Christmas.  Knowledge and stewardship make a great gift.

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