Your Soul Purpose

At Kingdom Calling, we take an individualized approach with each person or couple to help you gain clarity in this most important of questions: what is your Soul Purpose?  What does God want for your  life?  This is the second of the seven stages needed to learn financial stewardship in line with your life’s calling.

For those already far along in their understanding, we help refine it.   We give others a clear direction for the first time in their lives.

We accomplish this by first laying a basic foundation of why God created Man and what the purpose for our lives is.  We then give you exercises to pray through so that you can begin to see where you fit into all this.  The exact circumstances of your unique life have given you a unique and powerful future.  A calling that only you can accomplish.  And it’s extremely important to gain awareness of this.  The joy in life comes from knowing Christ and living the life that He calls you to.  Stepping boldly in that direction and then watching as He makes your path straight.  Wherever you are on this journey, we assist in this process.

It’s important to say that you will not go through this stage or process and say, “Ok, now I know my life’s purpose, I don’t ever have to think about that again.”  God reveals this to us over our entire lives.  Life would be boring if you knew it all from the beginning and He will continually surprise you.

The point here is to make sure that you are walking firmly in the right direction.  And as you walk in this obedience, you will delight in coming to truly know God as He changes you and the world around you.

This process must begin before any discussion of financial matters makes any sense at all.

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