More on “The Plan”

As I mentioned, the first of the seven stages of the process to financial stewardship is understanding the right plan or general thinking about your finances.

The key to remember: we (like banks and other financial institutions) need to focus on now rather than hoarding for “someday”.   When we are focused on cash flow, everything that we are stewarding is focused on now.  We are able to react immediately in any way that God calls us.  If He calls us to give a large amount of money to some person, charity, or cause, we have the cash flow to put towards this.  We are not stuck in the position that most find themselves of feeling like they have to dig into their hoarded wealth, afraid that by giving it away they will not have enough. 

If God calls us to give all of our free cash flow away in any year, we are prepared and able to do this.  We will have new cash flow from our assets the next year.  In most years, we will probably save some portion.  When we buy new cash flow producing assets, we will have greater cash flow the following year.  If we stay focused on stewarding our resources in this way, we should reach a point very quickly when we have more cash flow than we do expenses.  This is a great day.  There are some out there who work a job not because God has called them to this, but because they feel trapped into doing this to support their families.  With enough passive cash flow, they can be free of this.  Many people love their work, but do not have enough cash flow to give to the causes that the Lord lays on their hearts.  Or they wonder if they are putting enough away.  For these, true freedom in Christ can be achieved economically by utilizing these principles.

In the parable of the talents, God calls those who don’t steward their resources well “Wicked and Lazy.”  He said the very least thing the servant could have done was to give his money to a bank to steward for him.  The servants that He rewarded were those who were Producer’s, who stewarded what He had given them well, and grew the money dramatically.  This wisdom is available to those who seek it, and our goal is to impart you with the skills and resources to be the good and faithful servant that you are called to be.  As you grow, He will put you in charge of many things.  But if it becomes just about money to you, you will fall hard.  It must all be centered in Christ and where He is calling you.  So that is where we go next in our journey: with The Soul Purpose Activator.
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