How We’ll Bring You to Financial Stewardship – Part 2

(continued from yesterday’s post):

After stages one through three, The Kingdom Calling Process continues into what we call The Protection/Production Continuum stage, where we ask: “How do you do due diligence?”

Most people, when looking at an investment opportunity, have few to no tools or strategies to help them decide if they should go forward with an investment.  They ask a few questions and see who else is doing it, but in the end their decision usually comes down to trusting the person who’s making the recommendation without any real sense that this particular product is truly right for them. 

Instead, we teach a systematic method for analyzing every new opportunity that you come across, so that you are able to determine if it is the right investment for you at this time in your life. We start with a general education of many of the types of investments that are available to you in the world.  Many people don’t even really know what a stock or a bond is, and yet they are investing their life savings in them.
The mountain top of the entire 7 step process is reached at The Abundance Accelerator.   Throughout the process, we have identified multiple resources that you have at your disposal that you didn’t even realize you had.  The reality is that most people have many more resources than they realize that they have.  So the first step is uncovering what all of those possibilities are.

Earlier in the process, we also identified numerous strategies and possibilities to allocate these resources with a focus on the highest possible cash flow towards the purpose God is calling you to.  But it’s in this, the Abundance Accelerator stage, where all these puzzle pieces come together.  Once the resources, strategies, and opportunities are identified, it is simply a matter of taking action.  Many educational programs have a lot of great theories and philosophies that can get you really excited, but you leave that education and can’t figure out how to actually implement this change in your life.

Not so with Kingdom Calling.

Next comes The State of Wealth stage.  Day by day, you’ll make the small changes, and small progressions over the course of this process.  But when you sit back and look at what’s happened in your life over the course of the entire process, you begin to see that you are able to function in the world in an entirely different way, now.  You are a much more responsible, prudent, and productive steward of what God has given you.  This stage is about enjoying this breakthrough.

The last stage is The Excellence Ethic which asks, “where do I go from here?”  You have become more clear about God’s purpose in your life.  You have become focused on moving in the direction that He calls you.  And you have aligned every financial decision in your life with that purpose and calling.  The new wisdom you have received in how to properly steward your resources has lead to immediate results that you can measure.  Tomorrow we’ll get into more detail.

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