How We’ll Bring You to Financial Stewardship – Part 1

Being the steward of your finances, and by extension, your life, in a way that enables you to follow God’s calling, happens best by following a 7 stage process.  Each step allows you to take the next, so at the end of the process you understand your path, and the way sound financial stewardship opens your life to it. 

But before we get into the particulars of each of the seven stages, let’s try try to see the forest for the trees.  If you can first understand how all of the stages work in order, and in progression, you’ll have a greater understanding of their importance in the progression.

The first stage is we’ll work on is “The Path,” in which we we talk about the different routes you have taken in your life.  We get really clear on the path that you’ve been on.  We look at every financial detail of your life.  There is nothing hidden.  We also talk about why you do the things that you do.  What perspectives do you carry with you (good or bad) that could have come from the way that you were raised, or simply by the influence of friends or society?  Now that we know where you are, we then move on to what possible in your life to come – the path you will take.  We look at opening up new possibilities

The next stage in the progression, we call the Soul Purpose Activator, where we help you get clear on where God is calling you.  We want to center this stage on where God is calling you and make every financial decision based on that.  You are uniquely made and have a different life path than any other person.  It would be useless for us to recommend strategies, techniques, or products until we have a clear idea of where God is calling you.  Yet, this is exactly what most everyone in this industry does.  Kingdom Calling realizes that the calling on your life is totally unique and therefore every financial  decision should be made with your unique calling in mind.

The Castle Moat Blueprint Stage is next, and encapsulates the wisdom of financial protection. The world will throw things at you that you never expected.  Each of us gets different challenges.  We must be ready for those things so that they do not destroy everything God is calling us to.

The castle-moat-motif originates from the middle ages.  The first thing a European lord would do to protect the people of that area and his own treasures was to dig a moat around the area.  The next step was to build high and strong walls.  We employ this same principle.  Most people are focused on the pretty castle turrets, but they forget the walls and the moat that make the the castle turrets possible.  A strong foundation to your plan is essential.  We discuss every area of protection: insurance, legal arrangements such as wills & trusts, and corporate structures, and cash reserves.  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have big holes in their protection when we first met.   Often they have made decisions in a hurry, based on too little education, or based on price…often all three.   It is often possible for you to have a far greater level of protection at a smaller cost, simply by educating yourself.

This discussion of how we’ll make you a better steward will be continued tomorrow…so tell others to tune in…

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