Consequences of the Fall – Part 2

Yesterday – we discussed the first four consequences of The Fall. Today, we continue:

The Good News? There is a way out from under these consequences
The Good News? There is a way out from under these consequences
  1. We lost eternal life in God. Man is doomed with all creation to decay and perish.  The tree of life is out of Man’s reach after we were cast out of the Garden.  How sad is it when earthly families break apart?  Far worse, it is, that Man was cast away from his family in heaven and the purest, abundant form of life and love.
  2. Man lost peace, love, and righteousness in life. Because of sin and shame, Adam began to blame Eve, and Eve turned to the serpent.  And their first born, Cain, killed his brother Abel. Blood began to be shed between brothers and within a family.  Sin quickly ends in the degradation of Man’s heart towards his fellow brothers.  War and death will never withdraw from the fate of Mankind till this flesh is taken away and the creation is rolled up and recreated anew.
  3. We lost many abilities to create, to gain wisdom, and understanding. Even our natural faculties of being are locked up.  Man’s age is shortened.  Disease and pain assault Mankind.  Man has to witness and partake in all forms of wickedness, sorrow and suffering.  In a sense, we became a creation of misery, burned with a sense of loss and dissatisfaction as our faculty of love is veiled by our flesh and marred by our sins.

Without God, we are doomed.  Without God, we are lost.  Without God, we are living beings of lack.  Without God, we are creatures of misery.  From dust to dust.  Of course, God did provide redemption from this desperate situation, a way back home!  We’ll get into that in our next section.

Where is your home?

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