Consequences of the Fall

The consequences of the fall are severe and grievous:

God desires to fellowship with you as a father would with a son
God desires to fellowship with you as a father would with a son
  1. Man lost the privilege to fellowship with God – thus the chance to learn wisdom from Him.  Much of Man’s spiritual capacity in the spiritual life was shut down when the spirit of sonship was taken away.  This means that Man is not able to communicate with God as He originally intended.  God desires to fellowship with you as a father would with a son, a process in which he would teach the son all things and have the son grow up just like Himself.  In this sense, the process of producing sons through Man of flesh and blood was cut loose.
  2. Man lost the position and role to represent God; to rule and impart knowledge of God to all creation.  We lost our position as kings and priests.  In kingship, we rule with righteousness on God’s behalf as sons of God, the Judge and King; in priesthood.  We act as mediators between God’s creations to impute peace, love, and teach them His goodness, richness, and faithfulness.
  3. Man lost power over the devil and the angelic realm, thus becoming unable to withstand his schemes and attacks.  The devil usurped our dominion over God’s creation, in the angelic realm as well as in the earthly realm.  The world thus is caught up in a war between the Spiritual Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of God and His Christ.  Only in Christ Jesus are you free from the terror of the evil one.  In this sense, we lost our protection in God as sons of Adam.
  4. Man lost the blessings from God of provision.  Man has to labor in the cursed world to make a living with sweat and blood.  Women must suffer pain in child birth.  Man is born in suffering and pain as he is brought into this world.

More consequences tomorrow…

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Photo credit: Ryan C. Thomas

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