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Let us know what you think!
Let us know what you think!

We’re looking at changing the Financial Advisor: About Wes Bridel page and several others of the site.  When we first put up the site, I hired people to help me and they basically wrote what they wanted to.  This is my attempt to quickly tell my story (in 3rd person!) in a more relevant way.  I’d love to know what you think about the change before we go live with it.

Wes Bridel was a traditional financial advisor with two big firms before becoming disillusioned with the failure of mainstream  financial advice to actually make a difference for people.  Because the typical platitudes often sound good when espoused, it took Wes a few years to realize that these ideas don’t actually work in practice.  But  being a good financial advisor was important to Wes.  He strove to  learn more and discovered several factors crucial to protecting and building wealth over the years.

Did you know that financial institutions do the exact opposite with their money that they train us to do?

Do you know anyone who has created real wealth doing what the typical financial advisor teaches (as they are taught to by the financial institutions)?

Did you know that the things most often taught by a financial advisor are really math equations that don’t work in real life with real money?

Do you understand that financial institutions gladly give away free education to advisors and spend billions teaching the financial media and public to do the things which most enriches these institutions?  Do you think these strategies are necessarily in your best interest?

Wes began to understand the answers to these questions by going outside of the financial institutions for education and instead learning from economists who don’t have a product for his clients to buy.  Economists, and in turn, Wes, focus on economic  realities combined with strategies of saving and investing which actually work in both good times and bad to provide a solid foundation and build real wealth.

Being a financial advisor is far more than simply plugging some guesses into a future calculator and recommending some products to achieve this mythical goal.  Traditional financial advice hasn’t worked for anyone, and fortunately, there is a better way!

As Wes was learning these financial truths, the Lord grabbed hold of his life and flipped it upside down.  Slowly at first and then in dramatic fashion on many mission trips, he began to understand how present and real God is in every moment of life.

Over time, Wes was lead by this Truth to help those who want to glorify Christ in each area of their lives.  He went from being a financial advisor to being a stewardship advisor.  So he nurtured these financial principles and techniques and designed Kingdom Calling’s stewardship and financial planning programs.  These second-to-none Christian training programs equip you to grow as a steward so that your calling is synchronized with your personal saving and investing decisions.  You should understand how each part of your financial life works together to protect and build the assets you steward, so that your financial decisions are in line with God’s purpose.

Wes believes that the model 99% of financial advisor/client relationships have, where you hand over your stewardship to the “expert”, is wrong!  Everything he does is aimed at growing your understanding and abilities as a steward because no one else will ever care as much for and no one else will ever be as responsible for what you have been given to steward.

Read what others are saying about their experience with Kingdom Calling. The program is full of success stories from many satisfied people just like you.

Today, Wes leverages his boundless spiritual energy to help others become better stewards of their finances and lives in Christ.

Contact Wes directly or sign up for his email newsletter to receive ideas, information, and tips. Or, attend an upcoming Kingdom Calling event and get to know Wes in person. We promise you won’t hear the typical “mind-numbingly” dull financial advisor.

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