Five Facets of Money

1.    Money is a power in the natural as well as in the spiritual. It can be a power over us if we allow it to be our idol, or it can be a great power for us to do His work or enjoy as He would have us to.  It is basically neutral in its own nature if acquired and used with a pure motive: righteously. (Rom. 14:17-18)

Avoiding money doesn't lessen its overall power over you as an idol
Freedom is found not in avoiding money but in righteously blessing others with our finances

2.    However, the world which creates money and idolizes money is evil, thus money becomes a symbol of an evil spiritual influence. So in many places in the Bible, money is equated as the love of the world. (1 Tim. 6:10; Heb 13:5; James 4:13-5:6)

3.    Historically, this has created an unhealthy fear among believers of money. To some it even becomes taboo. But this means we are not free in this area. We do not have freedom in Christ in this area of our lives and are still making it an idol over us, just one that we avoid rather than seek.  Either way, we allow it to become a primary power in our lives.  Rather than overcome the love of money, we shun away a tool and a means that if used righteously can greatly bless others and ourselves.

4.    The concept of stewardship implies our responsibility and skill with securing, increasing and dispensing money for the Lord with great wisdom, faithfulness, diligence and creativity. Jesus is not bothered with this topic at all. He used money or the handling of it frequently in His teachings. The parable of talents is the most sited example. (Matt. 25:14-30)

5.    The concept of blessing from the Lord includes blessings in the physical sense, which can be readily rendered in monetary terms. The Old Testament contains many examples such as Abraham, Jacob, & Joseph.  Mark 10.29-31 is a New Testament example that you don’t hear very often in which Jesus says that we should control wealth both in this present age and in the age to come.

We’ll be shifting gears in our next post – which is a natural place to ask you for your input and opinion.  Sooo…Is there anything in particular about financial stewardship, your walk, or anything else that you’d like to discuss?  Please do let me know.

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