Gold, Silver, & the US Dollar Symposium

Should you be diversifying away from the dollar?

Gold, Silver, & the US Dollar: Free Symposium Tonight on How To Prepare in this Crazy Economy

Click Here to watch a 2 Minute Video on “How to Build Your Financial House on Rock”  held tonight at 7:30pm in downtown Austin, TX.

We’ll be discussing the huge problems facing the US Dollar as well as ways to grow your US Dollars as safely as possible while also diversifying into gold and silver.  You’ll learn how gold & silver have performed in the similar environments in the past and how to buy them to provide protection for your family.

Why is this important?  Two years ago, most prudent economists were horrified that the US Government had taken on all the losses of the imprudent mortgage, auto, & banking sectors and instantly made those problems the sole responsibility of the US Government.  Of course, this means they are really the problem of the US Tax payer, which is you!

You’re the one who makes a living and keeps your savings in US Dollars.  You’re the one who is going to suffer if those same US Dollars become worth much less.  The debt that the US Government has taken on is quickly approaching the point of no return from which no sovereign currency ever escapes.  If you have any understanding of economics, you must know that we are now on a death watch for our economy.

Some will say, “You’re being overly dramatic, I’m sure everything will be fine!”

If this is you, I wonder, did you notice what happened over the weekend?  You probably heard that there was another massive bailout.  This time in Europe.  Did you also hear that it is the US Government doing a lot of the bailing out?!?!

The Federal Reserve has opened a program to send US Dollars to Europe for them to use to bail out the weakest governments and countries in Europe.  Can you afford to bail out the countries and companies of Europe?  Well, you are doing it!  And very soon, you will have to pay the price that your government has committed you to.  I hope you are ready.

If you don’t hold a large portion of your savings in gold and silver you are making a huge mistake.   Your stocks, bonds, real estate, checking, savings, and money market accounts will all soon be worth very little.   Are you ready?  I would encourage you to come tonight to educate yourself on these things.  We’d love to have you at this free event.  If you can’t make it to Austin to learn about gold, silver, and the US Dollar, make sure that you are signed up for the newsletter so that you can watch the event for free when we post the video online.  (Warning: it takes us a while to do this, so if you can get here in person, that would be much preferable.)

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