Guide to “The Seed” Topics and Questions

Kingdom Calling can help to equip you to grow as a steward and in your calling. We’ve been focusing on issues of

Where is God calling you?
Where is God calling you?

stewardship recently and are about to dive into a series of posts aimed at helping you better understand God’s calling in your own life. He made you absolutely uniquely (Eph 4:7, 1Cor 12:4-6) and has a special purpose and plan for you. If you’ll stick with this series, you’ll have a better understanding of that purpose and plan when you’re finished.

We are going to do a variety of things to facilitate this. We spend a lot of interactive time when working directly with clients to develop their understanding of their calling, which we can’t do in this blog. So we’ve spent a lot of time praying about how best to help you who have come to this blog understand God’s calling for your life. Here is the strategy we’ve come up with…

  • Thematic Presentation: We’ll start a discussion with each topic about a really big picture of what God is doing in the world. (Below you’ll find a rough outline of those themes).
  • Scriptures: We’ll augment this idea with scriptures to back it up for you to meditate on.
  • Questions for Review: We’ll allow you the opportunity to expound on what God taught, revealed, or inspired you through your reading and study of the theme. It’s important that you seek God for this understanding, so that in doing so, you grow a little closer to Him. He will share Himself with you if you follow the full process. (Most will never take the time to seek God for His truths and write them down, I hope you will!)
  • Questions for Meditation and Application: After we’ve unveiled these themes in principle, we’ll give you questions to apply these general ideas in small, practical ways to your life. Only God can reveal your calling to you, so as you come to understand Him and what He’s doing better, and seek Him for revelation in your own life, He will, little by little, turn the lights on in the house so that you can see your life the way He planned it. Will you join us?

We’ve not yet written most of what follows, so it may change a little, but here are the topics that we have in mind…

1. Gospel of the Kingdom

2. God’s Image and Likeness

3. The Fall and its Consequences

4. The Cross

5. Restored back to the Father: Son and Orphan

6. The Gift and Work of the Holy Spirit: Resurrection Power and Eternal Life

7. Spiritual Gifts and Fruits

8. Three Compartments of Man and the Work of Sanctification

9. Disciplined by the Father and Self-Discipline

10. The Order of Melchizedek

11. Ministry Under the New Covenant

12. The Body of Christ and our Role in it

13. The Government & the Economy of the Kingdom of God

14. Spiritual Reality, Order and Wisdom

15. Natural Laws and Spiritual Laws

16. Laws in the Kingdom of God

After reviewing this list, and as you move along, feel free to ask questions. You are a big part of our Kingdom Calling.

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