How Does Prosperity Play Out Practically in Our Lives?

It shouldn’t surprise us to see that God wants us to prosper in every way.  As He does this, we have the ability and means to be helpful in the Kingdom and Family of

It would be ridiculous to abandon our God-given talents in management or creative skills and let these lay dormant, when these talents, with the right heart and a good conscience, can be utilized and practiced in ways others can’t.  In so doing, we can help others while receiving help from others in spheres where we lack.  In so doing, we all prosper.  This is the core of economics.  And this was part of His plan in creating and gifting us each uniquely.

Let no man speak evil of what God has blessed. We should all use these blessings with a heart of purity and love, a heart of service and humility, to prosper others as we are prospered by the goodwill of God.

As Believers we should apply all diligence, skills and talents to prosper as we can, for the provision of our natural family, and also the family of God, to share with the poor and disadvantaged, the widows and orphans, the sick and the suffering.

However, we need to be keenly aware whom we serve; we work and prosper, not only because of the Lord, but, as it should be, for the Lord. We can’t serve the world and the Kingdom at the same time, just as we can’t serve our own ambition and appetites and the Lord and His people at the same time.

Money is not the issue; the issue is the heart. One whose heart belongs to the Lord can be prospered in many ways and beyond measure, yet he can use it wisely in the world and in ways pleasing to the Lord, proving to be most helpful in the Kingdom of God and the family of God. Let’s pursue prosperity for the interests of others as we learn to love the Lord and love one another in the most practical manner concerning most practical matters.

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