Introduction to The Steward’s Calling

Believers are called to be wise stewards with what God has given them.
Believers are called to be wise stewards with what God has given them.

The Steward’s Calling is an in depth training and discovery process that begins with where you are at present and helps transform you into the steward that God intended you to be.  This is the most complete and comprehensive program that we offer.   It equips you in the many different and seemingly incongruous areas which are fundamental to wise stewardship.

The Steward’s Calling is NOT the place for you if you simply want to turn your money over to someone and let them handle it because you don’t want to be bothered and you believe they’ll do a good job.

We believe that every believer is called by God to responsibly manage (steward) all that he has been given.  This is not only a duty, but a privileged honor which the Lord uses to train us and bring us into His family that His Glory might be revealed in us.  Stewardship is the process by which He transforms you to be more like Him and teaches you to represent Him to all of Creation as a favored Son.  This is what He has called you to do and be.

Obviously, stewardship is not simply about financial things, but about managing everything in this life that He has given you: Your spiritual life, your social life, your mental/emotional life, your physical life, and YES, your financial life.

Christ taught so much about money for a variety of reasons.  The way you handle money reveals much about your heart.  Also, many important habits, skills, and disciplines in life are learned and reinforced through the way that you handle money.  They carry over and affect every other area of life.

When going beyond the basics of prudent financial management, it is impossible to separate the wisdom necessary for exceptional financial stewardship from the wisdom of God which only comes through the abundant life of the Spirit.

The Steward’s Calling brings each facet necessary for prudent discerning stewardship together by taking you through a seven stage course.  These are:

  1. The Way
  2. The Seed
  3. The Rock
  4. The Orchard
  5. The River
  6. The Feast
  7. The Ladder

Each stage is designed to augment and expand what the Lord teaches you in the previous stage and is designed to be interactive both with your advisor as well as in structured time alone with Him.  The purpose is to grow you as a steward both financially and in living the life God calls you to.  We’ll spend the next week or two looking more deeply into each stage of this process so that you can see how it might be a tool to live the life you were made for.

This post is Part 1  in the new series The Steward’s Calling. To continue with this series, click on Pt 2.

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