The Branches, Leaves, & Fruit

Your Fruitful Tree empowers you to establish a strong and effective model of financial stewardship by focusing on those areas which are most essential and avoiding risk.  Over the last 75 years the US Dollar has been seen as a safe haven from all risk.  However, there are tremendously strong signs that this situation is potentially coming to a very ugly end in the near future.

Are you prepared for that?  In The Branches, Leaves, & Fruit you will learn about the risks inherent in keeping all of your savings in the US Dollar.  With our help, you ‘ll then determine to what degree you feel you should protect your family from this risk and then you’ll learn about the many alternative forms of savings which are safer and more secure than the US Dollar.

You’ll learn the answers to questions like:

  1. What warning signs are there that the Dollar could drastically lose value?
  2. What warning signs are there that higher inflation is coming?
  3. Should I own gold?
  4. Should I own silver?
  5. What kinds of each should I own and how/where?
  6. Should I own foreign currencies?
  7. Are there currencies which are safer and pay a higher yield than the US Dollar?
  8. How can I incorporate these assets so that I am both safer and more profitable no matter what happens in the economy?

As you learn the advantages and disadvantages of each form of savings, you’ll develop preferences for those which are right for you and will select a strategy of savings diversification so that your savings won’t disappear in the event of a Dollar devaluation which could happen in the Coming Storm.   Not only this, you’ll understand how this diversification toward safety can also be the greatest builder of wealth in a Dollar devaluation period.  When the people of the world begin to understand the massive printing that has been going on in most currencies (including the Dollar), there will be a flight to safety and these “safe” assets should increase dramatically in value.   So by diversifying for safety, you will actually also be in a position to grow your assets at a substantial rate.


These are the core elements of financial stewardship.  Protecting, Saving, and Growing what God has given you to steward financially.  Some of our clients will use Your Fruitful Tree as a standalone course on financial management while others will see it as an introduction to our work at Kingdom Calling.  In this case, it will prepare you for the time when you are ready to go through the more thorough The Steward’s Calling which is a more advanced training in stewardship.

What does this cost?

We had a difficult time determining the tuition for this course.  We felt like the fair value was $2,500.  But we also knew friends who needed this kind of help who really couldn’t afford this amount and we didn’t want to turn them away, so for a time we thought we would make the tuition $750.  Then we sensed the Lord leading us to take our hands off the pricing and to rely on Him through you to set the tuition individually.  So we’re asking you to pray on this and tell us the amount that you feel the Lord would have you invest in your education as a steward and so long as the Lord is in it, we will be blessed by this relationship as we hope you are as well.

This post is Part 4  in the series Your Fruitful Tree.  To use this as a growth tool to better understand your own calling, you might start by reading Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt 3.

Artwork credit: “Branches, Leaves, and Fruit”, original artwork by Don Tate

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