Mission Trip Day 8: Thursday, May 24, 2007

My spiritual cleansing was interesting in that when I sat down to pray through it with David, I ended up going off course.  The instructions were to pray against any evil  that came to mind.  I don’t know if I didn’t really have any evil attachment due to the masons or if maybe there was a small one and it was dissolved, but I ended up praying against all the magic/fantasy stuff I was into growing up.  With the focus being a Ouji board.  As far as I can remember, I might not have played more than once, but apparently for me, this was an open gate that lead to a lot of interest in magic as I grew up.  Maybe someday, I’ll tell that part of my story here, but for now, let’s say that culminated in New Age spiritualism like Reiki which is a very real spiritual practice that is very much anti-Christ.

A Tel Aviv sunset
A Tel Aviv sunset

I hadn’t had a clue that I would be praying against any such thing when I went into that room, but that was obviously the main thing that God wanted to do with me at this time.  I didn’t really feel any different later, although I was told that I looked “cleaner.”  I could, however, tell by the way His Spirit directed me to pray against things I barely even remember doing, that this was important for me.

Another interesting thing happened as John was praying for me.  He prayed that the homeless would be a spiritual father to me.  Now, that is a way-out-there, bold prophecy!  What makes it interesting is that I had just recently come to start meeting with a friend named Sun who had been homeless not that long ago.  The Lord had advanced him in amazing ways and after I had heard about him, I had really wanted to meet him.  When we met, we both decided to keep meeting.  So this is where we were when John gave me this word.  Looking back I find it amazing because even though I have been blessed with many amazing men of God in my life, Sun is the one most directly discipling me on a day to day basis and whom God is using more than any other man to most directly impact my life over these past two years!

Has God ever reached you in such seemingly strange and varied ways?  Would you be willing to share that experience?

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