Jesus’ Teaching About Prosperity

We will start with Jesus’ own teachings, then look more closely at the teachings of the Apostles and draw some conclusions concerning prosperity in the Kingdom of God and in the world.

Greed is an issue Jesus addressed multiple times
Greed is an issue Jesus addressed multiple times

We will not study this topic exhaustively, but will try to get at the essence.

In Jesus’  time on earth, He never evaded the topic of money or wealth.  Rather, many times He used money and wealth as tools to teach principles and wisdom in the Kingdom of God.

And during the time of His ministry, He was friends with many people of wealth and high social status. These included tax collectors, who were despised by the Jews at that time, as well as Pharisees and rulers of the day. Yet, His approach to them was the same as to any other.

He considered all equal, only noting the difference in their heart for God.  To Him, only when wealth became a hindrance to one’s walk in the Kingdom did He address it with negativity, as did He with lusting eyes or any other sin that has the power to keep you from God.  (Matthew 5:27-30)

During His ministry, He lodged, feasted, taught and even entrusted His burial to rich people just as He did with the poor and downcast and outcast of the day.  He so upset the culture and tradition of the Jews (who valued monetary wealth as a sure sign of God’s blessing), that they were greatly offended and in the end totally turned against Him.

However, He never was so biased as to only minister to the poor or the rich. For being rich or poor isn’t the issue.  Both have their advantages and challenges.  What matters to Him is the heart of the particular person.

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