Mission Trip – Israel, Wednesday Night: May 21, 2007

We returned to Tel Aviv and Rabbi David asked me if I would assist him as he prayed deliverance for one of our team members.  It turned out that quite a few of our team had had familial ties in the Masons.  I hesitate to talk about deliverance, because in general, this site is not about that issue and it is such a controversial topic for people.  But this did end up being a big part of the trip, and so I don’t want to totally avoid talking about it, so I will highlight a few stories.  This was all new to me.  Everything I’m talking about here is extremely biblical, but if you don’t believe in the Bible I’m going to sound like a wacko here.

Freedom from the chains of the past
Freedom from the chains of the past

Do I share my experiences or preserve my reputation? I’ll share.

So David asked me if I would assist him and I agreed, but told him that I believe my grandfather was a mason.  He died when I was young, but I thought my mom had told me he was (which I later confirmed).

So David told me that, yes, I needed to go through this myself instead of helping him.  This was a two-step process.  On one day, we would read and pray through a very long document by ourselves and then David would go through it with us the next day.  I had seen others going through this document, but this was my first time.

To read through this is to break off all the curses that anyone in your family may have declared for his or her descendants.  It is very scary to read the oaths that masons take.  The bottom rungs of the organization do not seem like any big deal.  So if you know (or are a) mason, most likely they (you) don’t have a clue that what they are doing is so linked with evil.  The higher the levels get, the more blatantly anti-Christ they are until at the very top level they are full on pledging fealty to Satan.  Along the way, they put curses on themselves or their families if they ever fall short of these promises.  Our American culture cannot fathom generational curses because we’re all about independence.  Eastern cultures understand this much more easily.  But that doesn’t mean our way of seeing the world is the spiritual truth of how it works.  And when you consider that we are all cursed because of Adam and Eve, and all saved through Jesus, maybe you can get a picture of how this works.

Really, it didn’t seem like a big deal to me personally, because I felt pretty strong and good and did not feel that anything had a hold of me.  So, I sat down to read through this thing.  An interesting thing happened.  I absolutely could not stay awake as I read through it.  I labored at this for a while with my head bobbing up and down as I read, just assuming that I was tired.  Then all of a sudden, out of my mouth blurted, “Why can’t I have both?”

That woke me up.  Why did I just say that?  Have both of what?  I immediately saw that something in me wanted to have both Jesus and this little bit of evil that had residence in me.  This arrangement made prior to Jesus entering my life.  I immediately saw that something other than “me” had just spoken.  I had a lot more focus as I read through the rest of the document.

That night, David prayed with one of the girls and Kara was in the room praying protection over David so that he was not compromised.  I don’t remember what the rest of the team was doing, but three of the guys and I were upstairs praying covering prayer for them.  I don’t claim to know everything that was going on downstairs moment by moment over the 2-3 hours that we were up there, but at a certain time, our prayers became fierce and loud for our friend.

This scared some in the building and they grabbed David who came and asked us to keep it quieter.  Interestingly, he said at that exact time, God was delivering the spiritual cleansing and healing to our friend.  All we knew was God was moving us to pray in a very powerful way.  Downstairs the battle was severe and those prayers mattered!

Kara was in the room and she said that the girl attacked David physically as he was praying for her.  Of course, it was not the girl doing the attacking, but this is how it seemed in the room as the thing was removed.  God had another plan and the prayers of those in the room and those of us upstairs were His weapon. “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” (2 Cor 10:4)

This girl was a different person afterward.  You could see her new freedom in many ways just by looking at her, but one interesting thing was that small black dots that had been in the whites of her eyes were gone.  Not only was her soul but also her eyes were totally clean!

Photo credit: dave

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