Misson Trip, Israel -Day 6: May 22, 2007

This day came with trouble.  Our leaders had planned for us to go visit a Kibbutz (small village) near Gaza.  There was at that time only one family of believers in this Kibbutz and they needed refreshing.  The man had followed his wife into the faith and was not as mature and they were weary.  The problem was a missile had hit their school building the day before, so we were told about this and understood that it was a serious danger.  We were then told that our prayer about going there was a very serious thing and that nobody was going who God didn’t desire to be there.

Our mission team minus one (Kara's taking the picture)
Our mission team minus one (Kara's taking the picture)

We had that evening to discuss this with our loved ones.  Rabbi David said that he had called back home and explained the situation to his wife and got her approval to follow the Lord as He lead.  Kara and I had a very tense conversation about this.  The danger frightened her, and neither of us liked the idea of losing the other.

In the morning we all gathered to pray.  After instruction, each of us was to seek the Lord for whether we should be of the group who went, or of the group who stayed back and prayed.  At the same time, and I’m sure earlier in the morning, our two leaders were praying for confirmation from the Lord on who should be on this trip to a hot area of missile firings.  It turns out, Kara and I were to go on this trip.  Half (7) went and half stayed.

This was a family of 3 sons.  We did see one of the bombs which had landed there, and we heard bombs going off in the distance, but we didn’t see any hit near us.  The little child could listen to a bomb and know if it was Israeli or Palestinian by the sound.  The schools were closed due to the risk and this was another big concern of the mother’s.

They showed us around their Kibbutz, we sat on the hill looking into Gaza, and we spent time in their home hearing stories of their lives and praying and worshipping together.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship, and all seemed very simple and easy.

We heard later that God has made an incredible impact on this family through us.  The husband saw the hand of the Lord in this fellowship and perhaps something was changed in Him as we prayed?  Whatever it was, we heard later by email that he had really grown in his faith and was leading his family in the things of the Lord.  The whole family was strengthened!

That night our group split up again to visit different home congregations.  I was with David’s group.  This night was amazing, but I have a tough time making it stand out in words.  God was very present.  There were healings and deliverance.  It was wonderful just to be a part of what God is doing bringing His original covenant people back to Him!

Nothing I, or really anyone of us, did was that spectacular.  We just went along willingly, wanting to help, but of our own power not being able to do anything.  And yet, through us, God made deep lasting changes in those we met this day.  The only real difference between this day in Israel and any other in my life is I was completely giving my life to Him that day.  I was willing to go wherever and however He told me.  I know in my regular life, I will tell you if you ask, that I am giving my life to God, but in reality, I usually have lots of agendas.  What could God do with my life, if I really gave the whole of it to Him?  What could He do with yours?  Is there some portion you are holding back from Him?

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