New World Government?

Is there a New World Government Forming?  Jim Rickards did a fascinating interview with King World News that covered this fact. To watch the interview, click here and then click on the purple microphone button on the bottom left of the page.

I want to mention it because I mentioned the IMF (International Monetary Fund) a couple of times at our Symposium Wednesday night and a few of the people had no idea what it was.  This interview not only explains what it is but also where it came from.

The IMF held a meeting recently in Zurich, Switzerland.  Rickards explains that they have not only begun taking on the role of the World’s Central Bank, but are also talking about their role in Global Governance.  Yet who do they report to?  A New World Government with dictatorial-like power?

Well, so far it’s still fairly early stages, however, they appear to be morphing at a rapid pace from the original intent of a group which bails out third world countries.  The governments of the world are obviously incredibly scared about the current shape of economic health and are handing over more and more power to the IMF to somehow bail them out of this.

The IMF has already taken on the role of the World’s Central Bank which is certainly one of the most powerful roles of any government.  And we know that they have invaded Greece and are now calling the shots there which Greece must listen to in order to receive the money that has been promised.

It will be incredibly interesting to see if the IMF does continue to gain power over the world (and specifically over which countries) to become a true New World Government.  I highly recommend that you listen to this interview linked above.

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