Questions for Review – Sonship

  1. Can the Father and Son relationship in the Godhead be compared with that of an earthly father and son relationship? What is the biggest difference?
  2. Do you have any further observations of the differences of an orphan and a son? Please expound on them a little.
  3. Obviously the Holy Spirit interacted with men in the Old Testament, like Moses, David and Elijah, so what is the difference between this interaction and the interaction of the Spirit of Sonship after you are born again?

Questions for Meditation and Application

  1. What was your relationship with your Father like growing up?  In what way do you think this impacts your view of your Father in Heaven?  In what ways did this relationship really help you to understand God’s love for you?  In what ways has it held you back?
  2. What is your Born-Again experience?  Describe your evolving relationship with your Heavenly Father since then.
  3. In what way do you think the Father is disciplining you in your spiritual life?
  4. Each one of us suffers the effect of being a spiritual orphan in some way. Can you list the effect it has had on your life of having an orphan mind-set?  What should you do with this mind-set?
  5. God has a unique calling in your life.  But He will not release you fully into it before you are mature and wise enough to handle His business. Can you give a description of what this means to you personally?

This post is _Part 12_ , the last in the series Restored Back to the Father: Son and Orphan.  To use this as a growth tool to better understand your own calling, you might start by reading the explanation of this series and then read Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10 and Pt 11.

Photo credit: Fabiana Zonca

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