Signs the US Economy is Falling Hard?

The US Economy is quickly deteriorating.  Economic indicators across the board show the US is slipping into another recession (although statistically, we never grew our way out of the last one).  This video explains what’s going on and where it will go next.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which can be found here.

Today, we’ll look at factors such as:  1)  Employment figures that have come out recently have been ugly (this includes one week with absolutely no new jobs (net)!),  2)  Social Security Disability applications are up nearly 50% recently,  3)  The real estate market is accomplishing atrocious new lows with the recent news being that sales are at their lowest in five years and mortgage applications (which precede future sales numbers continuing to fall and sometimes with drastic drops,  4)  The San Fransisco Federal Reserve published a paper that definitely might convince you to avoid the stock market over the coming decade, but there’s good news starting in the year 2025!,  5)  Warren Buffett got alot of good press for investing in Bank of America, but was it really patriotic or did he just take advantage of bad economic conditions in a way that you never could?   And how will it work out for him?  6)  John Lohman issued a study showing that the drop in economic activity recently has been unprecedented!,  7)  And you won’t believe what California is doing!  These and more in the video below…

We hope you enjoy this video.  If you have not seen The Coming Storm video, you should do so immediately to have a fuller understanding of what lies ahead.  You can do so for free by going here.  Please let us know what you think of this presentation or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

This is the 6th in a new series of Economic Update Videos.  Watch the previous videos in this series at: 1)  Europe Economic Update 1, 2) Europe Economic Update 2, 3) Europe Crises Explained, 4) World Economic Update., & 5) US Economic Update.  You can see the previous set of Economic Update videos at: 1) US Economic Update Pt 1, 2)  US Economic Update Pt 2, 3) US Economic Update Pt 3, & 4) Gold & Silver Update, 5) European Economic Update, & 6) China & the World.

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