The US Economy…Where’s it Going?

The US economy has begun a viscous downward spiral. The impacts will be debilitating.  This Economic Update Video looks at what’s happened recently so you can be prepared for what’s next.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which can be found here.

Today, we’ll look at factors in the US Economy such as:  1)  The affects of socialism causing scandal right before our eyes within our current government.  When the government borrows half a billion dollars we don’t have to payoff their campaign contributors in the name of something of PC holiness in the name of “green jobs”, wouldn’t it be nice if those jobs stuck around for more than a year?, 2) There were zero new jobs created in the US in August!, 3) What’s happening with the US Postal Service?, 4) What does it mean when US Treasuries hit an all time low?, 5)  What does one of the world’s best bond traders see in the Corporate Bond market and what does it mean for the econ0my?, 6)  September is a usually weak month in the stock market, but October is known for crashes…and what else?  All this in more in today’s US Economy video…

We hope you enjoy this video.  If you have not seen The Coming Storm video, you should do so immediately to have a fuller understanding of what lies ahead.  You can do so for free by going here.  Please let us know what you think of this presentation or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

This is the 7th in a new series of Economic Update Videos. Watch the previous videos in this series at: 1)  Europe Economic Update 1, 2) Europe Economic Update 2, 3) Europe Crises Explained, 4) World Economic Update,  5) US Economic Update, &  6)  US Economic Update 2.  You can see the most recent set of Economic Update videos at: 1) US Economic Update Pt 1, 2)  US Economic Update Pt 2, 3) US Economic Update Pt 3, & 4) Gold & Silver Update, 5) European Economic Update, & 6) China & the World.

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