Mission Trip Israel – The Hospital: Part 5

I want to say a word about the Muslims there.  About half way through they moved us from one room to a bigger one that Glenn and I shared with an older man (who had to have a body guard because he had dementia and would wander off) and with Tony, a young Muslim man.  […]

Mission Trip Israel – The Hospital: Part 4

The burning and subsequent healing in the hospital really helped us to understand just how small we are, and just how big God is to have all of these brothers and sisters in Messiah come out and support us.  We knew no one there, but God knew all of them there, and he brought out […]

Mission Trip Israel – The Hospital: Part 3

Glenn had to have a lot of blood drawn and IV’s; each time they had a hard time finding a vein.  The first time they poked him many times before we finally started praying for a good stick.  Then he got a good stick.  Each time after that we would pray that they would get […]

Mission Trip Israel – The Hospital: Part 2

The Body of Christ came out! We hadn’t done any mission work, nor spent any of our vacation in the city where the hospital was, so we knew no one.  However, word spread and one by one (or two, or three) they came to offer their help and prayers. We also had the advantage of […]

Mission Trip Israel – The Hospital: Part 1

Someone else had to drive, and somehow Glenn kept it together and got in the driver’s seat.  Kara prayed for us the whole way to the hospital.  We showed up to the emergency room and it was craziness as they tried to help us.  We started walking into the hospital but they brought wheel chairs […]

What do You Think?

I’ve got a plan – and I want your feedback. For the next couple of weeks, in place of my normal discussions on scripture – which have led us half way through Mathew at this point – I intend to relate the story of the truly surreal and remarkably spiritual mission trip I took to […]

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