Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: What Went Wrong?

The  free fall of the markets in recent months, and subsequent wonder readily apparent in the comments of so many a financial advisor, should be a hard lesson to anybody looking soon to formulate a new financial plan. Almost nobody, including the best and brightest of two administrations, came even close to forecasting the length […]

Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: God First

Financial Advisors will often say they are customizing a plan to you, but really have a one size fits all model that At Kingdom Calling, we examine how the pieces of your life fit together to create your unique calling they plug you into based upon your age and how you answer a simple “risk […]

Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: Risk

Most financial advisors lead people to produce financial plans that are fraught with risk. When it comes to “Protection,” such as insurance, financial advisors typically choose to offer plans in which you end up paying the highest premiums for the lowest benefit – exactly as the insurance companies like it. Using these plans people usually […]

Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: A Better Way

Almost all financial advisors recommend that you invest your money in the stock and bond market, usually through mutual funds, although it could be through wrap accounts, managed accounts, or in individual stocks and bonds. All of these options are subject to the schizophrenic, emotional roller coaster of the markets. As you know well, the […]

Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Building Glass Ceilings

My years as a traditional financial advisor, before I questioned the status quo and began focusing on stewardship, taught me a lot. One of the most salient things I gleaned in those years was that fact that your standard financial advisor can’t, over time, really help you out-perform the market. But they may well help […]

Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Trying to Predict the Future

Kingdom Calling cannot and does not try to predict the future. If you’re working with a financial advisor that does, it’s probably time for you to question your direction. Instead, Kingdom Calling tries to plan for every contingency while focusing on maximizing the efficiency of your plan. By doing so, we are able, in most […]

My Own Calling

As I started my career as a financial advisor in late 1997, I had a few offers, of which American Express Financial Advisors seemed the best.  They competently taught the ins and outs of traditional financial planning.  And, for a few years, I taught and managed my clients using these traditional principles. But it wasn’t […]

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