Government Ineptitude Destroys Economic Growth

Government is inherently bad for economic growth.The more of one, the less of the other. This is proven throughout history & location. We look at recent events demonstrating this fact in today’s economic update video.  The first video in this latest iteration of a continuing series of economic updates can be found here. In this […]

Government Action Shaping Economic Events

Government action leads to decreased economic wellness for the poorest & benefits to the elite. Today, Governments are intervening in historically massive ways.  Today’s economic update video discusses what’s new in this important sphere. The first video in this latest iteration of a continuing series of economic updates can be found here. In this video […]

World Economy Slowing

The world economy has become intricately connected.  We’ve been discussing signs of an economic collapse and will continue today to see how other nations’ problems affect our economy.  Gone are the days where we can look at our own economy in a vacuum without considering the effects that other countries’ economies have on ours.  We […]

Signs of Depression: States & Municipalities Defaulting

We’ve been discussing different signs that our economy is headed into a depression.   Today, we’ll look at the condition  of our states and cities.  Most of the United States are flat broke today!  And many of the cities are as well.  They have allowed themselves to be bloated and now face massive problems.  Deficits are […]

Economic Indicators of Depression

Economic indicators point towards a depression.  Signs are everywhere.  We began speaking about this last week.  Today, we’ll begin to look at these economic indicators so that you can see for yourself the signs of depression. Western Governments, lead by the United States, have for decades utilized the printing and borrowing of money along with […]

Government (Old News): Economic Update

Government and its involvement in the economy are discussed in today’s video as we continue our economic update discussion.  The more a government involves itself in the economy, the more it fails. This economic update video looks at recent news in the government in this arena. This economic update is part of a series which […]

How Will People React?

We’ve been turning to the government to “fix” our economy in recent years.  As you’ve  probably noticed, their solutions just cause more problems.  People will continue to turn to the government for solutions until they discover that Man’s solutions are lacking.  The ways of the wisdom of Man are the “Babylonian” system.  It is only […]

Man and the Government

It is part of the fallen nature of Man to seek out a leader to take care of him.  This is a corrupted version of what God made each of us with, an innate desire to be lead by God.  We all still have this desire, but if we have not been trained up in […]

One More Word on Whether or Not the Economy Can Improve

Yesterday, we spoke of the possibilities for improvement in our economy- as well as barriers which could make the normal ebb and flow of recession and growth difficult.  For many decades, the government has been using the mechanism of interest rates to influence the economy. In each cycle that has occurred in the past, the […]

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