Bonds Will Turn Around in 2012

Our bold prediction that US bond investors will see losses in 2012 has still yet to bear out.  Last year we shied away from such a bold prediction because it’s so hard to guess when this 30 year bull market will turn.  But turn it most certainly will….the question is when? With 10 year Treasury […]

How Do Falling Interest Rates Affect Bonds?

Falling Interest Rates are much more exciting for someone who owns bonds.  We looked at the affects of rising interest rates recently and now we’ll examine the opposite scenario. This scenario would work to your benefit as the holder of the original bond.  If you own the same bond we mentioned previously with a $1000 […]

Hyperinflation & the US Dollar Update Video

Hyperinflation to the US Dollar is a serious threat in the coming months and years.  This economic outlook video looks into factors which could affect your life.  This series of videos began here.  In this hyperinflation update video, we start out with the very scary statement by the Treasury Secretary that we will not devalued […]

Shorting Treasury Bonds

Shorting Treasury Bonds is a way to directly speculate on higher interest rates and inflation.  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy. The last several posts have been about the effects of inflation on bonds and how it affects you.  Today, we’ll discuss shorting Treasury Bonds.  As we’ve said many times, we believe […]

Hyperinflation Points: Economic Update

Hyperinflation points discussed in today’s economic update as we continue our economic update discussion.  We’ll focus on Treasury Bond auctions, bailouts & bond issues in Europe, manufacturing price index numbers, & problems for State budgets. This economic update is part of a series which follows The Coming Storm that we put out in November which […]

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