A Note About Our Current Blog Posts

We wanted to put up a quick note that because we think the coming storm is imminent (although probably still months away) and important enough, we are going to post only blog posts about that until we’re written all we have to say on that subject. We will continue the series “Laws in the Kingdom […]

Laws in the Kingdom of God

In this chapter, we will explore some of the laws or principles in the Kingdom of God. We will start by looking at two forms of life in the natural world to give understanding of some of the spiritual laws. We hope to learn spiritual wisdom from familiar types and shadows in the natural world. […]

Natural and Spiritual Laws, and Scriptures Specific to Both

As we observed, natural laws shouldn’t be violated,  but should be utilized for our advantage when we gain knowledge and understanding of them. They are invisible and abstract, but defining and confining. We we come upon a natural law, we: Stumble over it—Come to awareness of it—Study it—Experiment it—Become familiar with it—Utilize it.  In relationship […]

Law and Order, Discipline and Freedom

All realities are governed by set rules or laws and a lower reality subject to a higher reality. It takes something supernatural to enable a lower entity to enter into and enjoy the power and privilege of a higher reality. Because of the mystical nature of the spiritual reality and because of the unhealthy, evil […]

Natural and Spiritual Laws

Beyond our natural reality, there is a spiritual or heavenly reality which is also subjected to the conflicts of two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness. Yet this takes places with order and a set of rules. We will define these as natural laws and spiritual laws and give some basic […]

Covenant with Moses (The Israelites)

In Genesis 15, God told Abram that his descendants would suffer as aliens in a foreign land for 400 years. According to Paul, this happened 430 years later, as the Israelites were enslaved by Egyptians. God raised up Moses to lead them out of Egypt to the land He promised to their forefathers. Exod. 19:3-6 […]

What is the Order of Melchizedek?

In chapter 5, when we addressed the topic of Sonship, we gave a glimpse of what this priesthood is about. Here are some further observations: 1.    This priesthood is the eternal priesthood which functions in the heavenly tabernacle. Moses was given a vision on Mount Sinai of its pattern, and God instructed him to make […]

On Prosperity

Does God want you to enjoy so much Prosperity that you need a private jet to travel to each of your luxurious mansions?  Are prosperity teachers Happy Fun-Fun Loons who don’t understand the Suffering that is called for in those devoted to the Cross?  Or is the truth somewhere in the middle? For the next […]

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