Deflationary Crash

Even with the trillions of dollars pumped into the system over the last few years, the economy is in the midst of a massive deflationary crash.  Central Bankers of the world are trying to unite to ensure that it doesn’t happen (and that we instead end up with massive inflation), but a deflationary crash is […]

Economic Update Video – Real Estate, Food Crises, etc

This economic outlook video looks into factors affecting the world & US economy as well as the  real estate market.  You can find all the economic update videos here.  In this economic update, we update you on multiple issues involving real estate such as President Obama’s plan for mortgages, the US records being set in […]

Stock Market Crash? Here are the signs

is a Stock Market Crash coming soon? Here are the signs…  the world economy is teetering on the edge of another crash.  This will include a stock market crash which directly affects most of us directly, but it will also be in many other areas.  If you missed the first economic update video in this […]

Financial Advice for Hyperinflation (Part 1)

As we continue our discussion of hyperinflation from last week, traditional financial advice will be worthless and destructive during hyperinflation. As a matter of fact, if hyperinflation happens (we’ve been discussing the reasons why it might here), most everyone will be totally starting over financially when we come out of it.  We’re going to spend […]

Banks Problems and the Economy

We spoke recently about banks and the problems they are facing. Let’s dig a little deeper into those.  The FDIC closes banks down every Friday, and we are at a record pace of banks failures so far this year. Each Friday night that the FDIC goes in to close a new bank, it is found […]

Economy, Banks, & Real Estate: Economic Update

The economy, banks, & real estate are discussed in today’s economic update video as we continue our periodic series. This video shows that problems at banks and in the real estate market point to difficult times ahead for the economy. This video doesn’t just talk about banks and real estate, but many other areas of […]

World Economy Slowing

The world economy has become intricately connected.  We’ve been discussing signs of an economic collapse and will continue today to see how other nations’ problems affect our economy.  Gone are the days where we can look at our own economy in a vacuum without considering the effects that other countries’ economies have on ours.  We […]

Commercial Real Estate Outlook

The real estate market has serious problems.  We looked at this yesterday while focusing on residential.   Do you think Commercial Real estate markets might have similar problems?  Yes, but they are slightly different.  Commercial loans are not currently guaranteed by the US Government the way Residential mortgages are.  Therefore, banks do not typically give 30 […]

Real Estate Outlook

Real estate is the largest component of our economy.  This is why the government puts so much effort into trying to manipulate its direction.  We’ve been talking about the problems in banking. Now, we’ll turn our focus to real estate.  It is also in a difficult and dangerous position.  Both Residential and Commercial Real Estate […]

Economic Indicators of Depression

Economic indicators point towards a depression.  Signs are everywhere.  We began speaking about this last week.  Today, we’ll begin to look at these economic indicators so that you can see for yourself the signs of depression. Western Governments, lead by the United States, have for decades utilized the printing and borrowing of money along with […]

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