What Kinds of Arbitrage Does Your Business Utilize?

Every great business utilizes arbitrage and leverage.  They do it in many different ways, but to have a big impact on the world, these forces must be involved.  The classic example is borrowing money at a low cost in order to put it to work at a higher cost.  This is in itself is the […]

Two Types of Leverage

1) Leveraging relationships – Let’s say that you have assets to invest, but aren’t sure what to invest in.  You have a friend who has expertise in a particular field but can’t capitalize on it as much as the potential is there for without more capital.  You can each leverage what the other has to […]

When Analyzing an Investment, What are the Underlying Economic Principles that Make it Work?

Every investment opportunity, financial product, or business opportunity must take advantage of economic principles to be successful.  It’s important for you to understand what these are so you have a basis for knowing the dynamics  involved in bringing success to your overall financial planning. Whether you’re looking at a real estate, stock, bond, gold, silver, […]

How We’ll Bring You to Financial Stewardship – Part 2

(continued from yesterday’s post): After stages one through three, The Kingdom Calling Process continues into what we call The Protection/Production Continuum stage, where we ask: “How do you do due diligence?” Most people, when looking at an investment opportunity, have few to no tools or strategies to help them decide if they should go forward […]

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