The US Will See Real Recession

Recession in the US?  According to the media, we’re far from this, right?  Well, maybe.  Right now, we’re seeing slow growth that doesn’t get anyone excited, but is actually positive.  Will we see slow growth like China, or full blown recession like Europe? What the media and government don’t like to mention is that the […]

The US Economy…Where’s it Going?

The US economy has begun a viscous downward spiral. The impacts will be debilitating.  This Economic Update Video looks at what’s happened recently so you can be prepared for what’s next.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which can be found here. Today, we’ll look at factors in the US Economy such as:  1)  The […]

US Economy – Economic Update Video

The US economy has been struggling along for 2 years now since the last recession officially ended…or did it ever really end?  Now we see the stock market crashing with unbelievable ferocity.  Today’s economic update video will study what’s going on.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which can be found here. This video looks […]

Economy, Banks, & Real Estate: Economic Update

The economy, banks, & real estate are discussed in today’s economic update video as we continue our periodic series. This video shows that problems at banks and in the real estate market point to difficult times ahead for the economy. This video doesn’t just talk about banks and real estate, but many other areas of […]

Economic Update – Treasury Auction

In this economic update, we spend some time talking about a recent treasury auction that almost failed. There have been clear signs in recent months that the nations which we depend upon to finance our debt are no longer willing to do so. China & Japan have reduced their Treasury holdings, and a recent auction […]

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