The Coming Storm

Are you really prepared for this?
Are you really prepared for this?

In previous posts, we’ve touched on some of the economic issues facing this country, but it’s time to be more pointed.  Today we’re going to share a serious message, and give you the details of an upcoming seminar where you can find out more.

I believe that a massive economic storm is coming and that we only have a short window to prepare for it.  We can either excel in these coming times.  Or suffer in them.  This sense that something really bad is just around the corner is growing heavier and heavier with me. Briefly stated, here are the reasons.

The Great Depression followed the Roaring Twenties.  Do you think anyone in the Roaring Twenties thought that they were about to go through a massive depression?  If we were sitting right here in 1930 (well after the great economy had turned bad) and you were told what was to come, do you think you would have believed it?  We’re in a similar place today.
The US government continues to run massive deficits each year and we already have a massive debt.  Think about that: what would your financial situation be like if every month you pulled money off a credit card in order to pay other credit cards?  This is what our government has been doing for years and is now doing at a much faster rate than ever before.

The US government is presently printing money the way Monopoly does, massively devaluing it.  Other countries are tired of holding our dollars (they’ve repeatedly said they want to get away from the dollar, and there are many signs that they have begun doing so).  What happens when all those trillions of dollars floating around the world aren’t wanted by anyone anymore?

This thing will hit most people very very hard.  But there are some things that can be done to prepare.  We don’t think anyone will be able to completely prepare.  Life is going to be different for everyone.  And on the plus side, we believe God is going to use this time to bring those who are really committed far closer to Him than we’ve ever been.  So we need to prepare spiritually now, and seek Him for what is coming.

At the same time, there are financial decisions that we still have time to make that could make a huge difference in how the coming years affect us.  You need to reconsider all the things that you’ve always heard are smart financial moves.  A lot of what has worked in the past is going to be exposed for the gambling and hoarding that it is. You need to examine options that you might not have looked at before because it wasn’t the hot idea of the financial institutions.

In light of our belief, Kingdom Calling is going to put on an event to go deeper into these issues.  We really feel like everyone should at least hear these things and pray through them.  The smartest financial people we know (who are not Believers and are not in the media circus touting Wall Street and the government’s agenda) believe this as well.  Unrelated to what they say, we believe the Lord is speaking this same message.

I hope you’ll consider coming to one of the two events we’re hosting on this subject called The Coming Storm Symposium on Nov. 5th or 18th at 7:30pm.  You can sign up here.

If you’d like more information on this event and future events, please sign up for our newsletter.  We are planning  to record the event, so if you’re on this list and not local, we plan to make this available to you as well if you’re on our newsletter list.

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