Turning Toward God in Crises

For several days, we’ve talked about the economic storm that is coming to hit this country (and most of the world). We’ve covered some of the effects that this will have on the world and on the Body of Christ. The last thing we’ll talk about in this series is the effect it will have on non-believers. If you’d like to know more of the reason why and what this storm will look like – sign up for our newsletter.

I believe many people will be saved through these times. I came to Christ in a different way, but many come to Christ through suffering. They get to the end of their rope and finally look outside of themselves and their circumstances to see if there is a God who is above all this filth, misery, or disillusion they’re caught in. Let’s give an example of this from Daniel:

“34 At the end of that time, I, Nebuchadnezzar, raised my eyes toward heaven, and my sanity was restored. Then I praised the Most High; I honored and glorified him who lives forever.
His dominion is an eternal dominion;
his kingdom endures from generation to generation.” (Daniel 4:34)

“36 At the same time that my sanity was restored, my honor and splendor were returned to me for the glory of my kingdom. My advisers and nobles sought me out, and I was restored to my throne and became even greater than before. 37 Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, because everything he does is right and all his ways are just. And those who walk in pride he is able to humble.” (Daniel 4:34 & 36-37)

Nebuchadnezzar had already seen mighty signs of God’s power. He had even proclaimed his belief in this one God. Yet, he continually turned away from Him. But after he spent some time eating grass in the field behaving like an animal, he finally lifted his eyes to God. When He received the blessing from God (which wouldn’t have been necessary had he just looked to Him in the beginning), He rejoiced and praised God for His salvation. It appears He ended his life with the full recognition of who God is and what His place is.

I believe many others who are currently going about their lives in blissful ignorance of God and the eternally important decisions they are ignoring will soon have to come to face Him. Many of course will never recognize Him no matter how much pain they endure. Their hearts are hardened and no matter what they will turn from Him. But many will choose to look to see if perhaps there is a God who can comfort them when so much else in life seems awful. I pray that there is a beautiful harvest of these who truly come to know Him and live their lives with Him, being brought up as sons of the Most High.

Other people are struck by who God is by seeing Him in the lives of those who walk with Him. Let’s give another couple of examples from Daniel.

46 Then King Nebuchadnezzar fell prostrate before Daniel and paid him honor and ordered that an offering and incense be presented to him. 47 The king said to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery.” (Daniel 2:46-47)

Again, this awe, wonder, and worship didn’t stay with Nebuchadnezzar very long, but he had a very clear moment of seeing that God was real because Daniel had faith and presented the hidden knowledge which God gave him. So the fact that Daniel walked closely with God even though the world around him was falling apart (he would have been cut to pieces if he wasn’t given this dream) allowed him to display to this lost one the hidden life of God and in the process saved the lives of himself and many others.

A very similar thing happens with Daniel’s three friends:

“15 Now when you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipes and all kinds of music, if you are ready to fall down and worship the image I made, very good. But if you do not worship it, you will be thrown immediately into a blazing furnace. Then what god will be able to rescue you from my hand?”

16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” (Daniel 3:15-18)

“25 He said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”(Daniel 3:25)

“28 Then Nebuchadnezzar said, “Praise be to the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who has sent his angel and rescued his servants! They trusted in him and defied the king’s command and were willing to give up their lives rather than serve or worship any god except their own God.” (Daniel 3:28)

They had set themselves apart and would choose God over the ways of the world even if it meant their death. Because they were so devoted to God, He brought them through the fire. Nebuchadnezzar could literally see Christ with them in the fire and then worshipped God (if only briefly). He came face to face with the reality of God because of the faithfulness of these three men of God. Their lives were a light to those around them.

Perhaps we’re getting too long to post Daniel’s story in the lion’s den, but it is the same basic story. Daniel was required to worship something other than God and he refused, only to be thrown in the lion’s den. Because He was set apart for God and following Him closely, God closed the mouths of the lions and lead him to safety and again made him a light, this time to a new king.

In these coming hard times, most will absolutely lose their heads. Panic will be extreme. The true Body of Christ will rest secure in His peace, love, patience, and joy knowing that He always has a way and expecting Him to show up powerfully in the way only He can no matter what circumstances He leads them in. This will be an enormous model of the Life of Christ to those around. This is the gospel. Hallelujah! Are you ready?

This is the last post we’re going to do on this series. We ended up writing a few more posts in this series.  If you’d like more information about this coming storm, sign up for the newsletter here and it will be sent to you. You can come to one of the two events by signing up here.

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