Walk by Faith – Pt 2 (Mt 14:13-36)

Yesterday in Part 1, we introduced the topic of a life of miracles by examining the common elements often seen in Jesus’ ministry.  Today we’ll look at the two big miracles in this chapter.

A small offering that miraculously blessed many!
A small offering that miraculously blessed many!

In the story of the feeding of 5000, let’s look at it from different people’s perspectives. (also see John 6:1-15)

There were sick people who came a long distance, eager to be healed.  They were far from home and hungry, but had nowhere to go.  And they had faith in Jesus to provide.  He was enough!

We see the disciple Philip approaching Jesus with worry about food for all these people.  He was looking at the situation with natural eyes, not remembering or understanding who Jesus is.  But He knew to seek and ask Jesus, and was amazed at the results which produced in him even greater faith.

There was one prepared boy who actually had some food.  He willingly offered his good food (fish and bread were good food for that culture) and I’m sure he was quite amazed to see what became of it.  The thing to notice here is that what he offered was small, but what God did with it blessed many.

Jesus knew where everyone was coming from.  He understood the deep thoughts and desires of each one’s heart.  Yet, as in everything, He only did what the Father told him to do.  This is the ultimate goal of life in the Spirit.  To live and minister as Jesus Himself did.  We will never reach His level because He was not encumbered by sin, but by following Him and seeking Him, we can become a powerful vessel for the Lord!

For the story of Peter walking on water, let’s look at the changes which happened in Peter’s inner feelings.  We have to imagine a little here…

  • Restful, to the point of being complacent while the boat is floating well (Peter was a fisherman and would have been very comfortable in the boat. He might have even driven!)
  • Terrified, when the unusual figure walking on water comes in sight.
  • Suspicious, when Jesus identified himself.
  • Surprised and excited, when he begins to believe it is His Lord.
  • Daring or bold, when asked to try it out himself.
  • Encouraged, when walking on water with His eyes fixed on Jesus only.
  • Fearful, when he turns away his eyes from Jesus and looks at the wind
  • Desperate, when sinking down and crying for help.
  • Relieved, when lifted up by Jesus
  • Awkward but amazed, when he gets back to the boat

We can all walk a life of faith.  The more we look for, follow, and trust Jesus to lead every area of our life, the more our life begins to take on other worldly characteristics.  The supernatural life then becomes our “natural life”.  This is the Kingdom!

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