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Serving Your Customers and Employees

Giving from a full cup
Giving from a full cup

For your company, the equivalent of serving your customers and employees would be supporting the Body in its work and needs as well as reaching out to those whom God calls you to serve.  In a large corporation, there are divisions that contribute to the health of the company, and those who pull the rest of the company down.  Some of these divisions are great contributors some day, while others will eventually be shut down because they are a drain.  In the same way, your work as steward over the division of You should contribute to the Body.  You should be an important part in the process that  “the Bride has made herself ready” (Rev 19:7 & Mt 25:1-13)

We are also called to serve the “poor, the widows, and the orphans.”  In today’s terms this means those who are downtrodden and who are in need of help.  Spend a few minutes thinking… of all the different types of people out there, who do you feel the most lead to reach out and help?

Manage the Brand

We’ve covered tithes and offerings earlier, so we will only say here that if you are truly following Christ’s Spirit, He will lead you to offer of your time and your money beyond a simple tithe.  Isn’t this the brand that your company stands for?  If you are God’s image bearer, what does the outsider see that Christ stands for?  Are you stewarding His image as well as you should?  If not, how could you do better?  If this statement stirs a guilt that you should be doing more “good works”, that is not of God.  Perhaps, you should focus coming to know, love, & worship God more.  But if you are doing this, the Holy Spirit inside of you will lead you to serve others.

Report to the Owner

Your owner is God.  God the Father created you, Jesus died to buy you back from the enemy, and the Holy Spirit empowers you.  Everything you have is His and so it is extremely important that you constantly seek His direction in how you manage your financial affairs.  As you do this, He will bless your endeavors richly, because you are exactly the type of person He wants running the large and important divisions of the company.  If you follow these guidelines, He will make you this! (Mark 10:29-31)

How are you performing as CEO of one of his divisions?  How could you do better?

I bet we’ll have some ideas for you in the posts that will follow in the days to come…so pass this blog along to someone else who could profit from it.

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