Warnings Abound in Economic Circles

Economic Warnings are everywhere if you follow the financial blogoshere.  Over the last few months, we’ve seen story after story of “insiders” who have decided to share startling information because they feel for the people who are about to be clobbered.  We don’t usually share alot of that sort of thing.  It’s all entirely inline with what we’ve been warning you about for the better part of 3 years.  However, today, we thought we would just share a couple items for you to consider.

We can’t vouch for the accuracy of these reports.  And the two we are sharing are certainly not the only warnings we’ve seen over the past few months.  We’ve seen others such as Jim Willie‘s European Banker contact who has warned that a trigger has been pulled deep within the system that can not be undone.  That indeed it will take down the entire Western Banking system & currency system.  (Believe he’s predicting collapse this Winter.)  Again, this isn’t anything we haven’t been telling you for some time, but now people are reporting on specific news items  that these events are here.

Jim Sinclair is a highly respected trader who has been very successful for decades.  We’ve certainly quoted him before, but check out his commentary from a week and a half ago where he describes a massive battle going on behind the scenes to save a Wall Street bank.  This collapse is teetering on the edge and will fall over, it’s just a matter of guessing which major player will fall first and when that will happen…

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

There is a big problem brewing again in the OTC derivative market.

A major international financial auditing firm is currently involved in a massive project on Wall Street that presently has over 900+ consultants involved, which is massive and beyond even the size/scope of the Fannie Mae restatement several years ago. They’re grabbing any senior financial analyst and software expert that they can to help this “unnamed” major Wall Street bank calculate valuations for a suddenly devaluing portfolio of Credit Default Obligations that they have heavily invested in. This auditing firm is charging nearly double their normal billing rate and is getting it, no questions asked.

Doug Hagmann

Hagmann reports from his DHS insider have been shocking.  Again, we have no way of knowing if these things are true.  However, this is not the only source reporting these sorts of things.  His source high up inside of the Department of Homeland Security is saying that the DHS has become a political apparatus of the current administration and that they plan to use terror to keep power.  The rationale is twofold:  1)  Those in power know that the economy is about to collapse and thus they are thinking strategically for their own benefit as most all politicians tend to do, &  2) That these DHS bureaucrats have power and are getting an insatiable thrist for more.  Of course, we know that Man’s fallen nature tends to lead him to want more and more power when given some.  The saying goes, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  If these reports are true, they fit in.  If not, then they’re just more crazy internet ramblings.

These are just a couple examples of some of the many “insider” reports we’ve noticed online.  We did not see these sorts of things last year.  Are we just coming across new sites that we didn’t notice last year?  Possible.

Or is it possible, that the things we’ve been telling you are coming for years are finally here and that there are some good people behind the scenes who want to do their best to warn people of what is about to happen?  Seems possible to us.  We’ll see.

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